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What should everyone know about Jainism? by Ravindra Jain


Why is it that Jains are usually wealthy? by Divya Goyal

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This is a very common question every girl asks me on Quora. I think this answer is appropriate and is to be considered.

Why doesn’t Jainism allow a menstruating woman to visit the temple or do any household work? by Ayush Jain


Why is Jainism not a popular religion? by Neel Shah.


There is already so much written on this. As the question ask about best thing, I would write about one particular thing that being a Jain I feel is the Best.

A true JAIN is one who follows Vegetarianism in its Purest form.

Now by Purest form I mean, Jain’s even avoid themselves to eat at night which help them avoid consuming unknowingly so many miniature creatures ( they vary from 1-5 senses namely skin, tongue, ears, eyes and nose. Human Being have all the 5 ) after sunlight ( This has been scientifically proven ). Hence, saved so many innocent living beings.

A JAIN prefers and preaches vegetarianism so faithfully, that they don’t believe and neither withstand any kind of VIOLENCE at all in its any form. Hence, they are in true terms the flag bearer in world to preach PEACE.

Only 0.4 percent in population (Indian stats) but helping the world to understand the concept of co-existence. How? Read next important line.

Live and Let live. The Best philosophy that World have today for its Survival, is the prime principle of a JAIN . Hence I am already committed to respect everyone’s existence along by my side.

As a matter of fact, even our beloved BAPU was a true follower of Jainism. Not only that but our current Prime Minister too follows many virtues of Jainism. Not a point to brag, but to state as a Evidence of what a Jain can give back to the Society.


Yes you are right, you have explained very well in your comment.

Really appreciate the efforts you have put in to make people understand the true worth of Bapu!

My whole family practise this religion. I respect their chosen path as respect others who follow other religions.

I used to follow Jainism now I am only open to some of the enlightening philosophy and teachings rather than the prayer practices (which I do not believe in), and so I would just absorb what is useful and disregard anything I find to be invalid. I respect ALL religions and not one is better than the other, as all have limitations. There is NO perfect religion.

The good points about Jainism is that the quality of people following are far more non-violent and peaceful (statistically) then what I have seen in many other other faiths / systems, not just religion. Hands down Jainism has the nicest people you will meet. I have come across the odd suspect, not a monk, yet a non-monk follower, but its very rare.

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