Arihant avashta , Siddha Avashta

When will the arihants turn to Siddha avashta?
Is there any specified time period or it may have happened already or will happen acordingly?
Why in Namokar mantra we first bow to Arihants and then to Siddha prabhu?

When will the Arihants turn to Siddha Avashta?

There are gyanavarniyadi 8 primary karmas which can be divided into 2 categories (Ghati 4 and Aghati 4).

When 4 ghati are destroyed, soul attain Arihants and when remaining aghati karmas are also destroyed then the soul attain sidhha avastha.

Is there any specified time period or it may have happened already or will happen accordingly?

Minimum is antarmukh and there’s also an upper cap for time. You can find this in Karnanuyog shastra.

Why in Namokar mantra we first bow to Arihants and then to Siddha prabhu?

Because we are in direct contact with Arihanth and benefited from their preachings.


Can’t we know if Lord Rishabhnath or subsequent tirthankars have already changed their state from Arihant to Siddha Avastha or it will remain unknown to us?
Any specific Karnanuyog Shastra or I might find them in any one of it?

Teerthankar Rishabh dev etc 24 Teerthankaras that have been regarded as Vartman Kaleen Teerthankar are all in Siddh avastha. They as an Arihant preached the path of liberation in 4th era and then attained Siddh avastha after destroying 4 ghati karmas in 4th era only.
On the other hand, Seemandhar dev etc Vidhyaman Teerthankars are in Arihant avastha at present time in Videh Kshetra. Since there’s no division of eras in Videh Kshetra, Teerthankaras always remain there in Arihant avastha.
When one Teerthankar attains liberation i.e Siddh avastha, other Teerthankar of same name fills his place as an Arihant.


Got it. Thanks ! :slight_smile:

सब कुछ अच्छे से स्पष्ट हो चुका है सिवाय अरहंत अवस्था के काल के संबंध में।
अरहंत अवस्था मे रहने का -
जघन्य काल- अन्तर्मुहूर्त
उत्कृष्ट काल- गर्भकाल सहित 8 वर्ष व 8 अन्तर्मुहूर्त कम एक पूर्व कोटि।
मध्यम काल- 1 अन्तर्मुहूर्त + 1 समय अधिक से लेकर उत्कृष्ट काल से एक समय कम तक।


8 अन्तर्मुहुर्त किस तरह?

वह उत्कृष्ट काल बताया है। गर्भ काल सहित 8 वर्ष व 8 अन्तर्मुहूर्त - इतना 1 पूर्व कोटि में से कम कर दे तोह वह उत्कृष्ट काल हो जाएगा।

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No, he is asking for the logic. Why 8 antarmuhurat?

One for attaining Samyaktv. One (or maybe more) for munidiksha bhavling, for shreni arohan, for arhant dasha etc. Not sure about the exact name and figures.

There’s a logic behind the number 8. If anyone knows, please clarify the exact figures.

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Ohh alright! Let Anubhav tell then. May be for shreni arihant because after 8 years of age, he can acquire samyaktva. Then may be for climbing gunasthan from 5th to 12th 8 antarmuhurats can be counted. That’s my logic.
Anubhav, please tell the answer.

I think it is 8 varsh 2 antarmuhurat kam 1 koti poorva.

For climbing gunasthan from 5th to 12th it need only one antarmuhurat.

बाकी के पर्यायप्तक होने में और कारण त्रि करण परिणाम आदि के होने में लगते हैं।

Paryapti ka ka kaal toh garbh kaal sahit 8 varsh mein aagya aur yadi aap samayaktva vali 3 karan ki baat kr rahe hai to samayaktva utpatti ke ek antarmuhurat mein aagya aur yadi 8 9 gunsthan ki baat kr rhe h to vo shreni aarohan vaale antarmuhurat mein aagya. Iske alawa mere according koi aur antarmuhurat nhi hota.