Approach towards life

I find it a real problem in today’s life.

The world says if you want to servive here you have to show off. You should be able visible differently from huge mob of people.

On the other hand, religious says, if you want liberation/moksh concentrate towards within yourself. Focus on your soul rather than outside world.

So, what’s the practical approach?


Priorities my dear. They decide your conduct.
So, if you wanna not wander in this world, 84 lac yonies and feel all the sorrows, turn towards path of liberation or real bliss.
Or you have the option of joining the herd of infinite sansari living beings.


A lot of us have similar questions, and limited resources to get knowledge about the same.
Love @Sarvarth.Jain 's answer, and while that is the truth, living according to it is difficult.

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